Garage Door Openers

Currently in the market you will find different kinds of garage door openers available. However, they can be divided into three broad categories- chain drive, belt drive and screw drive. Each of them has certain pros and cons. Below you will find details about each of the 3 different kinds of garage door openers.
1. Screw Drive Openers: These kind of door openers are quite unique and is very different to the belt drive and chain drive openers. Here for rotating the motor, a steel rod is used along with a trolley. Hence, the working mechanism is much different.
Advantages: Since the number of parts is less, you will be able to easily maintain these kind of door openers. And one of the best thing is that they work very quietly. Even after using these for many years, you will find that there is no loud noise as such. However, you have to keep in mind that these kind of openers are quite sensitive to temperature changes. Hence, if the temperature in your region always fluctuates, it will be better to avoid it. And because of so much benefits that it offers, the price is also slightly on the higher side.

2. Belt Drive Openers: These kind of openers are very similar to the chain drive openers. The only difference is that in this case, instead of using a chain, a belt is used. Otherwise, the working mechanism is the same. And all the other ingredients which are used like polyurethane belt and fiber glass are also same. Belt Drive openers are mainly used for heavy garage doors. So if you own a heavy door, this will be the ideal choice.
Advantages: Although screw drive openers work very quietly, but in case of belt drive openers, there is practically no sound at all. This is their main advantage. They are cheaper than the screw drive openers but marginally expensive than the chain drive openers. And they also work quite fast. Generally, most of the openers lifts the door at the speed of eight inches for every second. Since belt drive openers works very smoothly, it is much faster. Hence, if you are looking for a fast opener, this is also a very good option.

3. Chain Drive Openers: These kind of openers are very reasonably priced and are also quite durable. Because of this, they are extremely common and preferred by most garage door owners. The working mechanism is similar to that of a bicycle. They require adjustment, but only once or twice in its entire lifetime, so that is also not much of a problem. And the adjustments are also quite easy and takes just around ten or fifteen minutes.

Advantage: The best thing about these kind of openers is definitely their affordable pricing. However, these openers can be a bit loud sometimes. Hence, if your garage is attached to your home, then you may want to look for other options. However, if you can cope with a little bit of noise, then chain drive openers are a great option.

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